Welcome to our OlivettoShop Experience Store (www.olivettoshop.com). Please read the General Terms and Conditions described below. These will apply to the navigation of the Website www.olivettoshop.com and the services offered on this website. The Terms and Conditions may be changed from time to time, at any time without any notification, only by publishing the changes on the Website. By using the website, you accept and agree to these terms and conditions in regard to your use of the website. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you cannot access it or use the Website in any other way.



The objective is to establish the terms and conditions of payment methods, how to acquire products and services, types of guarantee and conditions for returning products, which will be published on the website www.olivettoshop.com, in order to maintain our standards of transparency in front of the client.


 The website can receive all types of orders from anywhere in the world, but deliveries will only be made in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Order States

There are 5 order statuses, paid with credit or debit cards:

Pending: Any order that enters correctly will have this status until it is reviewed and approved by the bank.

Bank data verification: State of transition of the order where the bank is verifying the payment of the order, can be processed or canceled according to bank confirmations.

Processing: Any order that enters correctly that is duly verified and approved by the bank and going to dispatch schedule.

Billed: When the order is properly invoiced and in the process of being sent.

Completed: When the order has been sent to the address indicated by the customer.

For any questions, comments or queries you can contact us at the email address:  olivettoshop@gmail.com by   writing to "Contact Us" on our WEB; The customer service telephone number is also available: +058 0212-8619053 / 04142071207. Finally you have the option of contacting us through our social network Facebook and Instagram (olivettoshop).



All information provided by the client at the time of registering or making a purchase will be treated with absolute confidentiality and privacy.  olivettoshop  is limited to safeguarding the following customer information:

Personal Information: name, ID, physical address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Identifiable non-personalized information: IP address, browser type, domain name and specific pages of the www.olivettoshop.com website and are collected to gain a better understanding of the site development needs.

Purchase Policies

Any registered user or guest can buy all the products and services that are available. These amounts may vary with prior authorization from www.olivettoshop.com with the respective security review. Within the website the customer can buy all the products and services that are available. We reserve the right to refuse any order or to restrict the quantities of any order without explaining the reasons, which will be notified by email based on the address indicated in the order or with a phone call.


Prices are exclusively for purchases at www.olivettoshop.com, are subject to change without notice, include all sales taxes, according to current regulations in Venezuela and do not include shipping costs, which may vary according to the Carrier selected in The delivery address.

Payment method

All forms of payment are subject to verification and authorization. The forms of payment authorized from the website are the following:

Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) as well as (Bank Transfers, Zelle, Paypal and Mobile Payment)

OlivettoShop. It is detached from the handling and use of stolen credit cards because our portal cannot deny the sale when the issuing bank has authorized the transaction and the data registered in our sales system match those of the registry. for the respective verification and confirmation of information.


Any person can cancel their purchase before the product is delivered by email to  olivettoshop@gmail.com  or by calling the customer service phone number: +058 0212 8619053/0414 2071207 stating their intention to cancel the order Purchase before delivering to the carrier.

In the event that the item purchased is not available due to lack of stock in the market, the customer will be notified explaining the reason why their order cannot be delivered and the customer can decide if they want to change, wait for their purchase, change it or cancel it

Shipment or withdrawal in store:

The items can be removed in our Olivetto Investment Experience Stores (Baralt Piñango Avenue to Llaguno Edf. North Six local A and B) under proper coordination and in that case there will be no shipping charges. To opt for this opportunity the customer must in the order form as delivery address (Withdraw by store) and then can make the withdrawal, taking into account that it will be the OlivettoShop Call Center who will indicate to the customer when to withdraw at the specified store , for the next 2 business days after verification of payment information with the issuing bank.

If the customer wants the purchase to be sent to an authorized address, it can be delivered throughout the national territory with adequate access by land, these prices vary depending on the area where the delivery is made and will be specified on the bill of payment. Delivery time is 2 to 5 business days after payment information has been verified with the issuing bank.

When, for reasons beyond our reach, no person was found to receive the item at the delivery address, we will proceed to send an email to the client, in which they will be told that the indicated address was visited and that they must communicate via by telephone or by email, in order to coordinate the delivery of the product, this would already be the responsibility of our client to withdraw in our Olivettoshop Store.

When, for reasons beyond our reach, the product cannot be delivered, an email will be sent to the customer, in which the impossibility for which the place of delivery could not be accessed and which must be communicated via telephone will be manifested. or by email, in order to coordinate delivery to another address.

When the actual delivery of the merchandise is made at the customer's address, the delivery time cannot be guaranteed in case of situations outside the company such as natural disasters or events out of control for the company.

For more information you can write to email

Claims for factory warranty:

Each item is assigned a factory warranty time by default, to which the customer has the right to claim in the store during that specified time.

The procedure to follow will be the customary and established by the company's policies, the product being evaluated by an authorized workshop to verify the status of the article in order to determine if the factory warranty can be enforced and then approve the procedure by the managers.


The prices on the website will be displayed in:

Sovereign bolivars.





The promotions presented on the website will be exclusively for purchases made by that means. And if possible make them effective in our OlivettoShop Store will be indicated in advance.

Product Availability

In cases where there will be no existence of products, the customer will be notified by email. If the options do not meet the expectations of the customer, he must communicate it, answering the email sent and the return or reversal of transactions with his issuing bank will be effective.

The color and images of the products may vary depending on the computer equipment in which the website is being consulted or depending on the accessories of each of them.

The items may be sold out at the time of purchase, if this is the case, the customer will be notified explaining the reason why their order cannot be delivered and the customer can decide if they want to change their purchase or cancel it to be reinstated The money in its entirety.


Purchase Documents

Proof of purchase or digital invoice will be sent to the customer via email.

User Compliance

A legal agreement is constituted between any user and OlivettoShop assuming that the client, before requesting any service through the site, has reviewed, understood and agreed to the terms set forth in the OlivettoShop Terms and Conditions. In case of disagreement, the user must refrain from providing personal information, as well as raising any commercial requirement.

Additional Information

Recommendations to customers:

Always disconnect the browser session after having accessed a security zone or having entered the system username and password or bank details in our payment platform.

In case of doubt, the client can verify the authenticity of the link, electronic address or email in which they request personal information to the email  olivettoshop@gmail.com

The company is not responsible for errors of the client, or user, or negligence when using the services offered on this site and does not cover losses caused by: capture errors or improper use of the service, negligence in handling or sharing your information that causes unauthorized access to accounts, leaving the computer unattended during an online session, and so on.

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Protection of information and graphics within the website

All trade names, page headers, graphics, texts, logos, buttons, icons, images, audio, code and software used or incorporated into this website and their use, arrangement or integration are protected by legislation and / or are is licensed under OLIVETTOSHOP. for use only of the services available on this website.

Any other use is prohibited, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, display or printing, of the trademarks registered in the name of the companies of INVESTIONES OLIVETTO, which are displayed on this website, unless there is written permission of the rights holder company. Any use, distribution, circulation or publication of any of the commercial badges or the images contained in this website, by any means, will be sanctioned by the applicable laws.