Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the OlivettoShop Experience Store (www.olivettoshop.com). Please read the General Terms and Conditions described below. These will be applied to the navigation of the Internet Site www.olivettoshop.com and the services offered on this website. The Terms and Conditions may be changed from time to time, at any time without notice, only by publishing the changes on the Website. By using the website, you accept and agree to these terms and conditions in regard to your use of the website. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you can not access it or use the Website in any other way.



The objective is to establish the terms and conditions of means of payment, how to acquire products and services, types of guarantees and conditions for returning products, which will be published on the website www.olivettoshop.com, in order to maintain our standards of transparency in front of the client.



 The website can receive all types of orders from anywhere in the world, but deliveries will only be made in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


    Order statuses

There are 5 order statuses, paid with credit or debit cards:


    Pending: Any order that you enter correctly will have this status until it is reviewed and approved by the bank.


    Verification of bank data: Transition status of the order where the bank is verifying the payment of the order, can be processed or canceled according to bank confirmations.


    Processing: Any order that you enter correctly that is duly verified and approved by the bank and going to dispatch schedule.


    Billed: When the order is duly invoiced and in the process of being sent.


    Completed: When the order has been sent to the address indicated by the customer.



For any questions, comments or queries you can contact us at the email address: olivettoshop@gmail.com writing us in "Contact us" on our WEB; The customer service telephone number is also available: +058 0212-8619053. Finally you have the option to communicate with us through our social network Facebook and Instagram (olivettoshop).



All the information provided by the client when registering or making a purchase will be treated with absolute confidentiality and privacy. tiendaexperiencia.com is limited to safeguarding the following customer information:


    Personal Information: name, ID, physical address, telephone number and e-mail address.


    Identifiable non-personalized information: IP address, browser type, domain name and specific pages of the website www.olivettoshop.com and are collected to gain a better understanding of the site development needs.


    Purchase policies

All registered or invited users can buy all the products and services that are available. These amounts may vary with prior authorization from www.olivettoshop.com with the respective security review. Within the website, the customer can buy all products and services that are available. We reserve the right to refuse any order or to restrict the quantities of any order without explaining the reasons, which will be notified by email based on the address indicated in the order or with a phone call.



Prices are exclusively for purchases at www.olivettoshop.com, are subject to change without prior notice, include all sales taxes, according to current regulations in Venezuela and do not include shipping costs, which may vary according to the selected canton in the delivery address


    Payment method

All forms of payment are subject to verification and authorization. The forms of payment authorized from the website are the following:

Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Zelle)

OlivettoShop It is unconnected with the management and use of stolen credit cards because our portal can not deny the sale when the issuing bank has authorized the transaction and the data registered in our sales system coincide with those of the registry. for the respective verification and confirmation of information.



Anyone can cancel their purchase before the product is delivered by sending an email to olivettoshop@gmail.com or by calling the customer service phone number: +058 0212 8619053 stating their intention to cancel the purchase order and requesting the return of the money (in which its return time will depend properly on the issuing bank's paperwork).

In case the purchased item is not